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Main research areas

Ecological impacts of climate and land use change

These studies - focusing on the Kiskunság region - are performed mostly in international collaboration. They include subsequent phytosociological surveys, vegetation and biomass mapping, monitoring of invasive species, climate simulation field experiments aiming at monitoring and explaining the changes in ecosystem structures and functions to support sustainable management and land use.

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Finished projects

Miklós Kertész team leader
Sándor Barabás
Bálint Czúcz
Anikó Csecserits
Edit Kovács-Láng
György Kröel-Dulay
Eszter Lelleiné Kovács
Barbara Lhotsky
Andrea Mojzes
Gábor Ónodi
Ildikó Pándi
Tamás Rédei
László Somay
Rebeka Szabó

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